Our journey
A Vision of Care

Feargal Duignan, Founder of PacSana, embarked on a mission inspired by a personal experience.
Observing subtle changes in his aging parents’ lives, he realized the significance of proactive care.

‘About 6 years ago, I arrived at my parents’ house to find my father away for the day and my mother on the hall floor.  Thankfully, I got there shortly after the fall and was able to get her fixed up.

A few days of rest and she was back on her feet. 

She recovered from the physical injury within weeks, but it was months before the fear of being alone and needing help passed. 

As a technology sales guy, I had to ask how we could have used technology to prevent this. 

I did a deep dive into this problem area, and I was disappointed with what was available. 

There was nothing proactive.

Nothing preventative

and nothing that was effective in supporting older adults age well where they wanted to be.

This challenge is what inspired us to create Pacsana.’

Feargal Duignan

CEO, PacSana

PacSana has been developed to improve outcomes for older adults. We develop innovative but practical solutions that protects loved ones whilst respecting their right to choose.

We’ve built our mission around these core principles:

Proactive, Not Reactive:

We believe that identifying issues early and prompting interventions before emergencies happen is key to improving outcomes for older adults. Waiting until after a fall is simply too late.

Needs-Based Care:

Many adults need help with Activities of Daily Living such as dressing and washing. Many, however, do not. The legacy approach of allocating fixed care hours indefinitely without regular adjustment is no longer fit for purpose in a world where carers are in limited supply.

You Care, We Monitor:

We trust in the power of AI to collect and analyze data more effectively than humans. It’s the foundation of our early warning system, alerting us to changes and enabling targeted interventions, allowing caregivers to focus on the human side of care.

User Centric Design:

Our solutions are designed with the older adult in mind. We prioritize elegant and low-maintenance designs, like the PacSana Smart Bracelet, to ensure 24/7 wearability while maintaining dignity and acceptance.

The Core Team

Feargal Duignan

Feargal Duignan


Technology Sales Leader
High Value customers
Complex Sales engagements

Mark Nolan

Mark Nolan


Highly Skilled technology
Leadership – hardware, software, “edge to core”

Development team experts in IoT, Cloud,
Machine Learning and predictive analytics


We have been pleased to introduce Pacsana to our clients and their families over the last year. With many families living remotely, the PacSana bracelet delivers peace of mind, enabling them to stay connected without constant calls. Our care managers have had the opportunity to utilize the behavioral insights from PacSana to tailor care plans, enhancing the quality of support we provide to our clients.

Kate Granigan CEO of Life Care Advocates


PacSana offers valuable insights for our VetAssist clients who live independently at home. Our medical assistants review the PacSana dashboard daily, providing them with a comprehensive overview of our client’s sleep patterns and promptly alerting them to any changes in habits or behaviors. In an era inundated with technology targeting seniors, PacSana stands out for its simple design, impressive 300-day battery life, and actionable insights that greatly benefit our team.

David Lederman, CEO of Veterans Home Care


PacSana stands out for its senior-friendly design, a rarity in the world of wearable technology for older adults. Unlike bulky devices that require frequent charging, PacSana offers a discreet and easy-to-use solution that has been embraced by both our caregivers and families.

Beth Copeland, Griswold HomeCare


About Feargal

Feargal has spent most of his career leading technology teams to bring complex solutions to life that deliver major returns for their customers.

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About Mathew

Matthew is a graduate from University College Dublin where he achieved a first-class honours degree. A highly driven individual who is excited to apply knowledge learnt from both studying in Ireland and the US. He is a big fan of CrossFit!

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About Arthur

Arthur is an enduring entrepreneur and product designer with many years of experience bringing designs to market. He is also an accomplished sailor and adventurer.

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About Mark

Mark has over 20 years software industry experience working in start-ups as well as household names such as Vodafone and Aer Lingus. Roles have included project and product management as well as hands-on software and hardware development. He’s a keen tennis player in his spare time.

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