Smart Thermometer Patch

Temp Pal® is an innovative soft, wearable thermometer that continuously measures temperature and sends readings to a smartphone or tablet. Unlike traditional methods it is tiny, flexible and does its job while the wearer is working, sleeping or relaxing.

Tiny and Light – 2.8cm x 2.6cm –just over an inch square with soft silicon texture.

Comfortable – Snugly attaching to the side of the chest just below the armpit, it is soft, skin-friendly and hypoallergenic; adapting to body curves and bonding safely, undisturbed by clothing.

Accuracy – Highly accurate within  +/- 0.05 ˚C with programmable alert thresholds.

Rechargable – Typically runs for more than 36 hours on a single charge, with battery level indicator on your smartphone. Fully recharges in just 2 hours.

Designed for continuous, long-term use, and using Bluetooth technology with the Pacsana Gateway, Temp Pal® connects to one or more mobile devices, giving you real time temperature data and alerts, making monitoring easier for caretakers and family members.